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Chain Glass Enterprises Inc. (CGEI) is a key distributor of AGC Flat Glass Phillipines, Inc. float glass, Dow Corning Silicone Sealants, Dorma Door Control Systems, Doric Window Hardware, Fairon Composite Panels, 3M Philippines as well as Shutter's Best Jalousie. Apart from selling premium construction products, CGEI also sells general trading glass accessories from its partners abroad.

CGEI is one of the leading glass processing company in the Philippines. Several has 3 tempering (Manila and Cebu) and 2 laminating lines. It also provides services for Insulated Glass Unit (IGU), cutting, edging, drilling, sandblasting, beveling, etching and powder coating for glass, aluminum products and Heat Soaking.



Chain Glass Enterprises, Inc. (CGEI) with began as AT Enterprises in 1974 founded by Mr. Go Ching Ping. Back then, the main focus of the business was glass louvers primarily used for homes and business establishments.

Since then, the company has not only expanded its glass business throughout Luzon but also begun to diversify in terms of products and services. By 1991, several glass equipment (sandwhich furnace, autoclave and cooling tower) were glass lamination line acquired as the company geared up for Laminated Glass production. That same year, AT enterprises became Chain Glass Enterprises, Inc.

In 1991, Republic-Asahi Glass Philippines (now AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc.) appointed CGEI as one of its official distributors in the Metropolitan Manila and Luzon territories paving the way for a strong and growing presence in the glass distribution business throughout the country's main island.

Through the years, the company has evolved into a one-stop glass shop as it continued expansion programs that have brought them to an esteemed level in the Philippine flat and automotive glass industry. It has invested in several Glaston Bavelloni glass processing equipment including a glass tempering line, edging, beveling, engraving, sandblasting, automated glass cutting, etching and heat soaking line . It has also beefed up its line of affiliate products to include Dorma door accessories, Dow Corning sealants, 3M Philippines and Doric boosting its commitment to cater to a wide array of customers.

Proving true to its worth, the company set up a project service group to attend to specific glass and aluminum needs of architects, interior designers and property owners. Made up of a highly able and competent team of engineers, architects and interior designers, this bureau provides management and glazing consultancy for medium and high-rise building projects.

Today, CGEI has more than 300 employees nationwide with operations extending from Cauayan City in Isabela until Cebu down South. Its main processing plant in Malabon, has witnessed an evolution of processing lines which have been constantly upgraded to suit even the most sophisticated customers. Now with its latest tempering line in Cebu, CGEI has certainly established its brand to being the leading glass company in the country.

Indeed, CGEI has accomplished so much in such a short time. It is a testament to its unwavering commitment to ensure its customers of quality products and services. Its expertise in the business of glass assures the consumers, advances processing technologies , a nationwide network of sales professionals, unique and innovative glazing solutions - a dynamic mix that is clearly to every customer's advantage.


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